Lunar Environmental Intelligence Offerings

Lunar Station offers the following products and services:

  • Moon Navigational Services

  • MoonHacker Analytical Engine and Delivery Platform

  • MoonWatcher Remote Sensor Array Network


Moon Navigational Services (MNS) effectively integrate several different fields of scientific study to assist companies in determining “where” and “when” they want to conduct lunar missions based on dynamic lunar environmental conditions.

How LSC helps    

 space companies 


MoonHacker provides complete orbital and surface intelligence 


Invest in a solution that understands the challenges you face – from selecting the best site for your mission to having a deep knowledge of the environmental conditions that are critical for safety.  Improve your navigation and decision making while you focus on building your lunar landers and rovers. 

Synthetic 3D Landscapes to see your mission area


MoonHacker dynamically generates reports for your utilization with employees, partners and customers to help you succeed!

MoonHacker's reports detail all the important aspects of the environment including

  • Area Details

  • Altitude and Slope analysis

  • Landing Zone determinations

  • Weather and Mineralogy

  • Custom reports as well