Lunar Station Corp News Articles

Lunar Station Corp News Articles

This Month is a great month for us “Moon-A-Tics”!!!

January 25, 2018

We started the month of January with a Super Wolf Moon!!!  On January 1st, the full Moon (also referred to as the “Wolf Moon” when it occurs in January) was only 356,565 km away from us.


This is the closest the Moon will be to Earth for the next couple of years.  The next time the Moon will be this close to us will be January 2023 (distance = 356,569 km).


The Full Moon on January 31st closes the month with a rare Lunar confluence:

  1. Super Moon (the Moon will be only 358,994 km away)

  2. Blue Moon (a second full Moon in a single month)

  3. Lunar Eclipse (this is 1 of 2 Lunar eclipses this year)

The Human Journey – the Lunar Station Corp Perspective

May 31, 2017

Here at Lunar Station we are building the MoonWatcher mission to continually observe 3 different categories of events; The Living Moon, The Human Journey and The Mystery of Space.


This month we want to highlight the Human Journey to the Moon, both past and future.   Between 1958 and 2014 there have been 124 missions to the Moon.  Most notable of these missions were the Apollo missions.  59 of these missions are considered successes (so 57 missions had failures).  Needless to say, it’s not easy getting to the Moon – yet we keep trying!


Future missions to the Moon; on the books, there are 37 missions planned for Lunar orbit and surface landings.  These missions are being organized by both private and public entities.  21 of these future missions to the Moon are happening in the next 3 years! 

Our MoonWatcher mission will be the witness to these upcoming missions!  As we deploy our fleet of CubeSat’s into optimal viewing positions we will be the “eyes” in Space to share the renewed Human journey to the Moon.

The Living Moon - the Lunar Station Corp Perspective

April 25, 2017

The Moon has slipped away from our grasp. This mental barrier has taken 30 years to build and now entrenched in our psyche. Oh and by the way; physically getting farther away from Earth every year ~ by 1.5 Inches.


For many, this distance seems too far away and this singular mental model is precisely what we are hacking – how to bring the Moon closer to everyone. Humans were going to the Moon and back more than 45 years ago. Why not today? For the most part; there is a belief that nothing of value existed on the Moon and it is a dead rock trapped by Earth’s gravitational field.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


We have learned more about the organic processes that are occurring on the Moon at a regular frequency.  Neutrons are pushing loose Hydrogen molecules (and some of them into Oxygen molecules thus creating H2O) these neutrons are arriving from our Sun all the time.  This is one example of our living Moon and its ability to generate water.

The Lunar Economy

March 29, 2017

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has been working with NewSpace start-ups to help develop the forward looking economic model for the emerging Lunar Economy.  ULA has created an interesting video to describe the growth potential over the next 30 years in the CIS-Lunar Economy. 


When we talk about the Human Journey the ULA model clearly shows how many trips will be made to and from the Moon with people and resources.  We can wait to see it with the MoonWatcher fleet watching it all happen in real-time!

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