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The importance of the Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map

To date, there is no physical map that displays all known missions to the Moon. With the release of this map, you can own a piece of history, as the map is a document that displays the precise progress of the exploration of our closest planet, the Moon.


Features include:

  • Includes Every Moon Mission and the latest Landers and Rovers: Hakuto-R from Japan, Luna 25 from Russia, and Chandrayaan-3 from India.
  • Locations are labelled with a Number, which can be looked up in a Table.
  • The Table lists each Mission, Type, Description, Entity, Country and Date.
  • Inset showing South Pole Stereographic view: A view of the vast region to locate some of the latest missions in search of water on the Moon.
  • Inset showing the Visible Moon, e.g. when standing on the Northern Hemisphere, how the Moon looks to you.
  • Basemap: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University
  • South Pole: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Team



Lunar Resources Registry - High Quality Printed Map

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