Moon Navigational Services 


Lunar Station Corporation (LSC) provides cutting-edge

Moon Navigational Services for organizations pursuing scientific and business opportunities on the Moon. We help our customers survey, navigate, and prospect the Moon.



Survey:  Identify ideal sites for landings based on mission success criteria.


Navigate:  Traverse the lunar surface from site to site safely.


Prospect:  Explore the lunar surface and sub-surface for in-situ minerals,

volatiles, and elements of value for mission operations. 

Our customers' Launch, Land, Operate, and Return from the Moon. 

Lunar Station Corporation Intro

We are experts in understanding the Moon's dynamic and complex environment. 

We designed the MoonWatcher Constellation Solution to provide 24/7 aerial reconnaissance of the Moon from every angle.  At the same time, we created MoonHacker, our Analytical Platform (MAP).  These two products complement each other supporting your missions to the Moon.  


Each MoonWatcher Satellite is built on the latest technology platforms available and using the latest innovations in compact electronics that can perform in space.




The Moon is a dynamic, complicated, and challenging environment for conducting scientific research, exploration, and business operations:   


- Electromagnetic Field. Relative to the Earth, the Moon has an infinitesimal atmosphere and a weak electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is also “lumpy,” meaning that a compass does not consistently point to the Lunar North Pole, which makes navigation extremely difficult. 


- Radiation. Broad spectrum solar radiation combined with solar wind (high-energy particles accelerated to substantial velocities by erratic solar activity) continuously bombard the Lunar surface. 


- Meteorite Storms. There are over 250,000 meteors (some traveling at over 50,000 mph) that strike the Moon's surface every year! 

The MoonWatcher constellation will continually send observations into LSC’s analytical platform, MoonHacker, for it's machine learning algorithms to unlock new insights. This process specifically tailors the predictive analytics to meet the needs of customers and ensures the successful completion of their mission.

MoonHacker Analytical Platform (MAP) is an advanced analytical platform with machine learning augmented data analytics which will be customized for our customers. 


MoonHacker utilizes innovative methodologies for customers to interact with the analytical platform.  This innovative user interface experience (UIX) combines metadata layers overlaid on high definition 3D models of the Moon.  Customers can select which metadata layers are critical for their mission planning and utilize the predictive algorithms to see environmental conditions during their planned mission execution windows.

LSC’s MoonHacker 3D Model showing forecasted meteor storm and human objects on the Lunar surface. Source of meteorite storm forecast is from the Lunar Weather Forecasting algorithms that LSC has already developed.

LSC’s MoonHacker 3D Model using mineral deposits metadata layer in addition to the forecast of meteorite storms and human objects on the Lunar surface.

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Blair DeWitt, CEO, Lunar Station Corporation will be speaking at the MIT NEW SPACE AGE CONFERENCE, The Emerging Space Economy Forum MIT Building E14, March 15th, 2019

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